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Are you ready to DIVIDE and CONQUER the ULTIMATE BATTLE between your ears and WIN THE HEADGAME?
Are you ready to DIVIDE and CONQUER the ULTIMATE BATTLE between your ears and WIN THE HEADGAME?
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You VS. You Will Help You To...
 After reading this book, you will know who you want to be and feel equipped to become that person. 
 Learn how to divide and conquer the ultimate battle between your ears and win the headgame.  
 Be more mindful, wise and willing and have the tools to never self-sabotage yourself again! 
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The Biggest Battles We All Face Are Always Going To Be Within
In You vs You, author Todd Cahill starts with a simple premise: As people strive for any improvement in their lives—whether it’s more income, a better relationship, a promotion, a bigger business, or a better body— the most important battles they will face are against themselves. People invite problems into their lives through poor choices, apathy, indecision, arrogance, anxiety, selfishness, and other traits they would rather not discuss but must be addressed.

In this valuable book, Cahill shares what he has learned about these battles that either keep people from success and significance or usher them to victory. As a life coach and leadership trainer, he has taught thousands of people these lessons, and many of them are now experiencing a level of personal achievement, relational abundance, and financial freedom they never thought possible.

People often self-sabotage if they’re not mindful, wise, and willing. Cahill reinforces the idea that readers can choose today to fight against who they once were (or are) and become who they are made to be. You vs You is about that choice and the challenging, rewarding quest that ensues.
Why I Wrote The Book .... 
the man behind the book
Todd Cahill
TODD CAHILL launched his message and personal brand “Beyond Driven” with the purpose of teaching and equipping others. Through his life coaching and leadership training, Todd has helped hundreds of people launch and build their own businesses. Todd focuses his energy on guiding people along their journey by creating a step-by-step plan, designed to help them find and achieve their true purpose. Todd is passionate about living a life of significance, and his motto, “Beyond Driven,” embodies his level of dedication to live out his purpose every day! This proud father of three, married to his beautiful wife Kristin, is here to leave a strong footprint, not only for his family but for people all over the world. Todd loves to work out each day, meditates often, and lives an adventurous life with his wife.

You Vs. You Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World ... 
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?
Here's What People Are Saying About You Vs. You
You vs. You has already changed many people's lives by helping them fight against who they once were (or are) and become who the are made to be! I want to show you some of my favorite people and testimonials on how You vs. You has helped them. 
Amy Rivera is an indefatigable woman, who lives a purpose driven life for creating a legacy of empowering broken women for generations to come. She aims vigorously to live a graceful life between her family, spiritual devotion, business, and being a humanitarian aid to the community. 

Amy was born with an incurable disease called lymphedema that left her immensely disfigured. She developed an activist mindset as she feverishly fought to better her own quality of life. Against all odds, her journey led her to be one of the few who accomplished the seemingly impossible- reversing her disease from the worst known severity to being able to manage it with minimal maintenance. This miracle was achieved by God's grace and a prestigious team. — Amy R.
"I cannot be prouder to have read the advanced reader’s copy of this book, You vs You, that my son, Todd Cahill has written! I have read motivational books since back in the 1970s when I first got involved in relationship marketing and Todd’s book is right up there with the best ones. He is openly honest about the battles he and we face and he shares how to fight against these battles and come out the winner, especially with his action steps. I highly recommend you to read this book and benefit from his journey and hard work." — Chris C. (Todd's Mom)
"You Versus You ... WOW. The realest thing you can do is truly look at YOUR mirror reflection. This book will force you to see the battles within yourself. Face everything and Rise. Yes You Can. Todd is proof positive you can gain control of your mind and have a tremendously great life! This book is going to help so many worldwide!" — Hemma M.
"We all face battles of some sort. And more times than not these battles seem overwhelming. When Todd blessed me with this book because he knew it would help me before even reading it I felt that he already knew my biggest battles which was my mindset. I was thrilled to see that he had actually laid out each individual battle that we face ranging from scheduling to finances even our health. — Pam R.
"As I read Todd's book, I couldn't help but feel he was speaking directly to me. This book is written so eloquently and personally, that it reached me on many levels. The principles Todd teaches inside this book about the 12 Battles help to see the best, most effective path to overcome daily obstacles that keep us from achieving who God has blessed us to be. It's up to us to take those steps and rise up to our potential. You vs. You has truly changed my life!" You vs. You captures our inner thoughts and explores our hidden feelings to identify the struggles we all face and to provide guidance in 12 crucial areas of life. This book will leave you with a lot to contemplate, and it will give you the essential shot of hope that you can make lasting change. Well done, Todd Cahill—you see the potential in all of us.” — Myra U.
"I have often fought the battle of me against my mind and have struggled with this for years. Todd has taken the 12 battles we face as human beings and has condensed them into this powerful book, You vs. You. Now I have the tools to win these battles within. Thanks Todd for this amazing work." — Aaron S.
"We all battles ourselves? The question is which battle are you currently facing? Todd Cahill delivers an exceptional book that outlines the battles we all face and how to truly win them. This book is the perfect guide for everyone that is looking to increase their self awareness and mindset. I am so honored to call Todd my friend and I am so proud of this book that he has poured greatness into. You vs. You is a must read."  — Dominique G. 
"Simply put, you are involved in everything you do. And thus you are responsible for the decisions you have made. This might appear to be an obvious statement, otherwise we would all be living more enriching lives. That is why the principles described in this book are so important. These principles have been a portal for me to create a significantly more satisfying and fulfilling life."  — Larry C. 
"A good friend and mentor of ours sent us a signed copy of his new book and we were so excited to dive in! We quickly realized it was full of excellent content and because the book is structured with each chapter a specific battle, it's going to be one of those books we reference back to often when we need help in specific areas. Todd has been through the trenches and battled himself out, and he shares simple, honest principles to help each of us through the battles we all face."   — Jentry and Casey O. 
"Todd has been providing the highest leadership training while continually refining his skills to professional excellence for years. Todd's book will give you a road map so anyone can start from the beginning and with his winning tools, success is just applying his teachings."  — Troy L. 
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Get Your Guide That Will Help You Guide Yourself To Inner Peace & WiN The Battle Within
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  •  Hardback copy of You Vs. You signed by Todd Cahill
  • Return isolates the real issue. It requires you to admit where you are in the battle and how fighting it really affects you. 
  • Redefine is exactly how it sounds. How can you think about the battle differently? If you redefine what it means, you can start to relinquish its power. 
  • Repeat is the choice you have to make every day to become the best you. You return to the issue, redefine its meaning, and then repeat the cycle over and over and over in order to keep winning.
  •  Battle 1: You vs. Your Persona
  • RETURN — Winning the battle between you and your persona takes, first and foremost, telling yourself the truth about you.  
  •  Battle 2: You vs. Your Success
  •  Battle 3: You vs. Your Dreams
  •  Battle 4: You vs. Your Routine
  •  Battle 5: You vs. Your Calendar
  •  Battle 6: You vs. Your Finances
  •  Battle 7: You vs. Your Freedom
  •  Battle 8: You vs. Your Promises
  •  Battle 9: You vs. Your Health
  •  Battle 10: You vs. Your Relationships
  •  Battle 11: You vs. Your Knowledge
  •  Battle 12: You vs. Your Future
  •  Access to a Private You Vs. You Facebook Community Page 
  •  Free Live Coaching with Todd once a month on the You Vs. You Facebook Community Page
Thank you for taking the time to read this and going through my page. I hope you sincerely enjoy reading, "You vs. You" as much as I did writing it!

I'm obsessed with helping people overcome their battles within and helping them learn to operate their lives in total victory. I want you to fight smart and fight to win!

These personal battles in all of our lives will either keep us from success and significance or we can make the decision to usher them to total victory!

Be courageous and brave and choose today to become who you were meant to be! You vs. You is about that choice and the challenging, rewarding quest that ensues! 
Todd Cahill
P.S. If you're like me and skip to the end here's the deal. Your armor will include the following: 
  •  A hardback copy, personally signed by Todd Cahill, of the new book, You vs. You - The 12 Ways To Kick Your Own Ass and Win (Value $19.95)
  •  Get the Video Course Series of the Twelve Battles (Value $297)
  • • Battle 1: You vs. Your Persona
  • • Battle 2: You vs. Your Success
  • • Battle 3: You vs. Your Dreams
  • • Battle 4: You vs. Your Routine
  • • Battle 5: You vs. Your Calendar
  • • Battle 6: You vs. Your Finances
  • • Battle 7: You vs. Your Freedom
  • • Battle 8: You vs. Your Promises
  • • Battle 9: You vs. Your Health
  • • Battle 10: You vs. Your Relationships
  • • Battle 11: You vs. Your Knowledge
  • • Battle 12: You vs. Your Future
Our core components are always at war with one another. But the beauty of the personal battles we face, is that the tide can always be turned - no matter who you are, no matter what you've done. That is the ultimate ace card we all hold. We can choose today to fight against who we were and become who we are made to be. This book is about that choice and the challenging, rewarding quest that ensues. 

So put on your armor and let's do this.
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